Providing Systems to Support Growth

We help businesses to implement the systems and software to meet existing needs and future growth requirements.

Effective, Automated Systems

As your business expands and grows a cost effective, automated, and easy to use accounting system becomes critical.  To operate for growth, the business needs current information at a moment’s notice – what was the bank balance is this morning, how current are the receivables and payables.

DRJ & Associates helps companies implement and use accounting systems successfully.  We work with company’s that need a financial systems that enable management of operations and help management to make informed decisions.

Our Approach

DRJ & Associates provides a design to meet both current and anticipated needs.  The design is built for individual company requirements.  Through this process we also help to strengthen your billing and collection systems.  Our approach includes the following:

  • Needs analysis
  • Process design
  • System selection
  • Implementation and data conversion
  • Ongoing maintenance

We guide you through the selection, implementation and conversion of your systems to ensure success.  We provide guidance and support through each phase, from start to finish.  We ensure that your accounting system meets federal requirements and your business needs.

Contact DRJ & Associates at 416.253.1466 for an initial consulting to understand how your company and bottom line could benefit from an accounting system tailored to your needs.